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Home Aquatic Air Pumps Hailea Air Pump UAS-12000

Hailea Air Pump UAS-12000

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Hailea Air Pump 

  • Micro regulator is available in AC operation mode.The air output can be adjusted at desire.
  • Double muffling design,low noise,large air output and high pressure.
  • Intelligent micro-computer controlling and protective circuits of battery.
  • Battery could be charged when pump connected with AC power supply.
  • TChanging automatically to DC when AC is out off.The DC power can work as a long as 6 hours when the AC power fails and can operatewith 4 UN-1 batteries alternately.
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UAS-12000 5L/min
8W 10h
110/220V 2.25kg
50/60Hz 185×170×60mm