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Home Aquatic Stands for aquariums Eheim AquaDuo 80 0220828 81x 31cm

Eheim AquaDuo 80 0220828 81x 31cm

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EHEIM  Stand for АquaDuo 80

Our stands are specially designed and made for the aquarium and terrarium starter sets. The trick is that it the top or the underside can be used as your “table top”. Top and bottom panels have the same dimensions. So you can turn the stand as it suits you. (If desired, it is also suitable for bird and rodent cages.)

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  • Top and bottom panel in different sizes;                                                                    
  • Bottom and top panels can be used as your table top
  • Kit series DUO 60/80, colour black
  • Kit series aquaduo 60/80/100, Colours black, beech, silver grey