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Home Aquatic Аccessories The Tetra Pond Net Fish

The Tetra Pond Net Fish

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Telescopic landing net for safely catching and releasing fish. The fish net Tetra Pond Net Fish was specially designed for safe and stress-free fishing and for the release of garden pond fish. With a width of six millimetres, the mesh is designed so that the width is small enough to prevent the fish from slipping and thus preventing injuries. On the other hand, the density is so low that the fish does not rub off its protective layer. The net depth of 47 centimetres also enables the fish to be caught quickly and without injuries. Thanks to the adjustable telescopic rod from 132 to 200 centimetres, the fish can also be easily reached in deep water as well as in larger ponds and easily caught. In addition, the trapezoidal net head with a width of 48 centimetres and a length of 46 centimetres ensures a large network area. This helps to catch the fish even better, faster and is thus less stressful. With the help of the telescopic but very stable aluminium handle, the fish net from Tetra is also ideal for fishing in more distant areas in the garden pond. With an adjustable still length of 132 to 200 centimetres, you can easily reach many places to be cleaned - even in deeper water - and without having to step on the plants or stones near the embankment. This, in turn, prevents you from damaging plants on the edge of the pond or even damaging the pond liner. The handy rubber handle on the aluminium handle of the fish net enables a secure grip even under higher loads and prevents the net from sliding out of your hands. The comfortable handling and the low total weight of 483 grams make the garden pond net Tetra Pond Net Fish a stable, safe and indispensable helper when catching and releasing garden pond fish.

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