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Home Reptile Heating pads Exo Terra Electronic On Off Thermostat 100w

Exo Terra Electronic On Off Thermostat 100w

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Exo-Terra thermostat - a series of terrarium thermal controllers for regulating the microclimate in the terrarium. Designed to create the ideal temperature background in the terrarium Cold-blooded reptiles and amphibians receive heat from external sources. The ideal temperature background is the key to their activity, excellent appetite and good health. When kept in captivity, it is difficult to maintain the ideal temperature in the terrarium. Ultimately, this depends not only on the power of lamps, thermal cables and heat pads, but also on the microclimate of the house - turning off the heating, cooling or heating will affect the conditions in the terrarium. The Exo-Terra thermostat will help maintain the optimum temperature in the terrarium.

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